the worst part about heartbreak

You know the worst part about heartbreak?

You’d never actually find someone better.

Of course I’m not stating that you will never fall in love again — of course you will. They’ll make your day brighter and they’ll help you become a better version of who you are and they will guide you to the people that you’d be better off surrounding yourself with.

You’d forget about how the person you once loved used to stay up with you until 3am, how they used to cover their face when they laughed, how they used to write incredibly long paragraphs stressing how much you meant to them.

But that’s how you get over them.

Your conscience forgets how it felt to love them, so that when you eventually love another, you won’t be stuck forever comparing them to the person you once loved. That’s why the first stage of heartbreak is when you think your life isn’t worth living anymore since everyone you see you dislike as they are not the person you once loved.

Your feelings for that person will never change; you’ll just become numb to those feelings. You used to feel filled to the brim with warmth when a text from them appeared onto your phone screen, however that piece of your heart is now ice cold, hence you will no longer feel that warmth even though it’s still there. Let’s say you receive a text from the person you love now: you’ll smile, but not feel the warmth you used to feel when the other person texted you. Doesn’t it scare you to think that you felt happier when someone else texted you, you just don’t remember?

Honestly, the truth is that you’ll find someone else… not remembering that you once loved someone even more than that.

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