Travels by Trans (not Trains — Trans!) Part 1

Hi Erin,

I thought I’d drop by and wave as you mentioned my recent TDoR blogpost, and I’m glad you’re enjoying the sunshine!

Can you believe I’ve never been to Spain? I never seem to make it further south than Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands, and true to form this year, we ended up in the Shetlands…next year it may be Iceland.

But I digress. I’ve still got another post to publish on the grim subject of TDoR as I wanted to write up what I’ve learned about those we lost (I figure we owe them at least that much), but hopefully after that I’ll be writing about somewhat happier stuff for at least a while.

And yeah, the grimness of it all has taken its toll this year. I don’t think it’s ever hit me quite this hard.

So I think need a party or two. Fortunately, it’s Christmas and there are plenty. :)

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