Remembering Our Dead: June 2017

Every year on or around 20th November people worldwide gather for the Transgender day of Remembrance to to remember the trans people we have lost to murder and violence in the past year, as reported by the Trans Murder Monitoring Project and published by Transgender Europe (TGEU).

The following are details of trans people known to have been killed worldwide during June 2017 (see TDoR 2017: Say their names. Learn their stories. Remember them for an index covering the whole year).


<< May 2017

J. R. P. Mangalili
6 Feb 2017
Bulacan (Philippines)
Run Over

J. R. P. Mangalili

J. was deliberately run over by a car. Her family buried her wearing a male outfit with her hair cut off.

Report received by TGEU from a partner organisation via Facebook.

Ezequiel Batista da Silva (“Jack Docinho”)
Age 22
3 Jun 2017
Alto Tietê (Brazil)

Ezequiel Batista da Silva aka “Jack Docinho”

Ezequiel was stabbed multiple times. A 29 year old man has been arrested.

Ezequiel was a drag queen. Her stage name was “Jack Docinho”

His Facebook profile is: [DEAD LINK]

Jessica Rubi Mori
Age 32
4 Jun 2017
La Altagracia (Dominican Republic)

Jessica was a sex worker, and was last seen in the vicinity of a park. Her body was later found dismembered.

Fernanda/Tavita Montes
Age 24
4 Jun 2017
Colima (Mexico)

Fernanda/Tavita Montes

Fernanda was strangled after a quarrel and her body found inside a car. Her boyfriend has been arrested.

A. Alves Nascimento
Age 22
5 Jun 2017
Criciúma (Brazil)

A. was shot twice in the back of the neck. [DEAD LINK]

10 Jun 2017
Salvador, Bahia (Brazil)

Bruna was found in wasteland near Alameda Praia do Flamengo in the Stella Maris neighborhood of Salvador. She had been shot 6 times in the neck, abdomen and back. When the police arrived she was still alive, but died shortly after.

In March 2018 Joel Francisco Santos Gama, 54, was arrested for her murder. [DEAD LINK]

Denisse de León
11 Jun 2017
Tamaulipas (Mexico)

Denisse de León

Denisse participated in protests by relatives of inmates of the Ciudad Victoria prison on 6th June and became known on social media with the hashtag #LadyPenal.

Several days later a group of hitmen murdered her.

On Tuesday she did not mind getting her clothes dirty, or her hair tousled to try to prevent the passage of the transfer unit of the state police and she threw himself to the ground to get in the way of the heavy truck.
Yesterday she remained stoic in the road of Tamatán, the social networks did not forgive her and in each transmission she was acclaimed; At the scene of the events, it is not said, she is a respected woman. “Denisse for president, Denisse for president!” her followers cheer her.
It is she who calms the spirits, organizes the ranks, speaks to the media, puts her shoulder so that those who suffer, cry.

Josie Berrios (aka Kendra Adams and Kimbella Rosé)
Age 28
13 Jun 2017
Ithaca, New York (USA)

Josie Berrios (aka Kendra Adams and Kimbella Rosé)

Josie’s body was discovered inside a building at a construction site. It had several burns and was found next to a can of petrol. Evidence, including surveillance video, led police to Michael Davis (45), who police say had a personal relationship with her.

Josie performed as a drag queen under the name Kimbella Rosé as part of the House of Merlot, a wine-themed drag house.
In the post mourning her death, the House of Merlot identified her as a founding member of the troupe.
“She was part of so many families here in Ithaca, that many are feeling stunned and lost following this news,” the post says. “Her presence is still felt, and will never be forgotten.”

Renata Vieira
Age 24
14 Jun 2017
Uberlândia (Brazil)

Renata Vieira

Witnesses reported that Renata was working in the immediate vicinity and before being killed had argued with a client and been threatened with death.

Moments later two men approached her in a car and beat her with a piece of wood and a firearm. She died at the scene. [DEAD LINK]

Julhão Petruck
Age 20
15 Jun 2017
Fortaleza (Brazil)

Julhão Petruck

Julhão was shot 7 times in the face while leaving his home. It is suspected that his girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend was the killer.

His Facebook profile is [DEAD LINK]

L. da Silva Santos
Age 18
16 Jun 2017
Caraguatatuba (Brazil)

The body of the victim was found wrapped in a sheet near a cliff known as “Hole of the Ounce” on the road of the Alto Pouso. According to reports, she may have been lured to her death by the prospect of work. After being killed her body was thrown from a cliff.

One of the news reports notes that the “ Location is known as a spawning point for corpses”.

Original news reports, RedeTransBrasil and TGEU describe the victim as being unidentified and of 35 years of age, but she was subsequently identified as a missing 18 year old by a tattoo on her left leg.

Age 38
Estado de Mexico (Mexico)
Cause of death not reported

Kenya’s body was found by a relative. The cause of her death is unknown.

TvT partner organisation Centro de Apoyo a las Identidades Trans, 18.06.2017

Adriana Cruz Serrano
20 Jun 2017
Veracruz (Mexico)

Hitmen shot Adriana and another person in a bar.

TvT partner organisation Centro de Apoyo a las Identidades Trans & Plumas Libres 21.06.2017

Name Unknown
Age 35
20 Jun 2017
Puebla (Mexico)
Cause of death unknown

The victim’s body was found in a state of decomposition, with her hands tied and a bag over her head. The exact date and cause of her death are unknown.

TvT partner organisation Centro de Apoyo a las Identidades Trans & El Sol de Puebla 20.06.2017

C. Barroso de Oliveira
24 Jun 2017
Ananindeua (Brazil)

C. was shot in the face while at home. The police suspect that the crime has some relation to drug traffic. [DEAD LINK]

Denise Sollony
Age 53
24 Jun 2017
Aracaju, Sergipe (Brazil)


Denise was shot in her own home in the capital city of Sergipe State, Aracaju by two men on a motorcycle who shot at her through the front gates of the building. Her partner was also hit.

Denise was considered to be one of the first known transgender people in the state of Sergipe. Her death had an impact on social media, where her friends wrote several farewell messages.

In May 2018 Naelson Araújo Fonseca, 24, and Adilson Porto Silva Filho, 28, were imprisoned for her murder. [DEAD LINK]

Nicolly Santos
Age 21
24 Jun 2017
Vitória de Santo Antão (Brazil)

Ava Le’Ray Barrin
Age 17
25 Jun 2017
Athens, Georgia (USA)

Ava Le’Ray Barrin

Ava was shot in the chest after an argument with an acquaintance in the parking lot of a residential complex. Her killer was arrested and charged with murder and aggravated assault.

According to Mic, those who had attended Barrin’s candlelight memorial service noted how cherished and valued she was. Nickenson Guillaume, who organized the event, told Mic that Barrin “was happy in her own skin” and told her friends she was transitioning in December. In a heartfelt obituary dedicated to Barrin on Bazaar Daily, the young girl was described as “unapologetically real” and someone who “feared nothing […] especially not being herself.”
Barrin had ambitious dreams for her life. According to Guillaume, Barrin aspired to become a model and wanted to move to Los Angeles to make her dream come true.

Sandra de Souza Medeiros
Age 35
25 Jun 2017
São Carlos (Brazil)

Sandra de Souza Medeiros

Sandra died by suicide. She was found dead by hanging on the night of Sunday 25th June at her home in Vila Alpes, São Carlos. According to her friends, she suffered from depression.

Sandra was a battler and always fought for her rights, including, after much struggle, managed to change her civil registry to the name she had chosen. [DEAD LINK]

Tabata Brandão
Age 20
25 Jun 2017
Rondonópolis (Brazil)

Tabata Brandão

Tabata was shot multiple times. Witnesses report that a vehicle was seen parked by Tabata’s dead body for about 20 minutes. The riders were drinking alcohol but left before the police arrived. [DEAD LINK]

Juliana Orrego Monsalve
Age 37
30 Jun 2017
Aguaclara, Valle de Cauca (Colombia)

Juliana Orrego Monsalve

Juliana was riding a motorcycle to the property on the Villa Morena estate where she lived with her family when she was attacked by two people. They shot her twice in the back and then stabbed her in the face before fleeing. She died at the scene.

Juliana was from Tuluá and had been the target of a firearm attack in the municipality of Riofrío in 2016.

Note that although the TGEU list gives her date of death as 2nd July, one of the news reports gives the date of her murder as Friday 30th June.