Happy day: when daily tools get outdated.

Two weeks ago I saved all my current exam stuff to Google Drive. Just two weeks left to learn three subjects for one day of exams. Same procedure as every quarter: write down all important topics, research for explanations, create a nice mind map. Read, learn, memorize.

Granted I am not the best student but I groove myself with overtooling.

Material saved in Google Drive, handy. Open tasks on paper notes. Random tasks noted with Wunderlist or Google Notes. Related graphics and pictures on Pinterest. Created mind map with SimpleMind are saved as pdf to collect in Google Drive. Stop, what?

One of the biggest questions in my daily life is: Why?

But I never asked myself why I am doing overtooling lasting for years. Although I pay the big why no mind, one day an additional tool shatter my well-kept software list. Bye, bye lovely isolated tools.

Welcome to my daily life, @milanote !

Studying by Design.

First I supplemented my important topics with explanations and graphics. Later on topics accrued to cluster and related topics.

Saved to homescreen my notes are just off in every pocket.

Well, exams are pamly over, but Milanote is frequently used to daily organisation and capturing my ideas. Still working on my masterpiece.

All best for big launch on 7th February.

Psst, you are allowed to request an early access. It’s worth a try.