One question I ask myself everyday.

Since 22.55 is my personal best time to sleep I just go to the bathroom at 22.50. While having the second happybrush time a day I follow my mind answering the question: what did I learn today?

Every morning we are given the great opportunity to wake up, start our daily life and make our own decisions. Every evening I am on my journey of mind to be grateful about these activities.

It is probably easier to think about skills I want to learn further on, such as being more diplomatic in all kind of situations. For the longest of time I just wrote down what I need to learn, what I need to do. I stopped, because it is not worth the trouble. In this two minutes during brushing my theeth I just focus on the past with all decisions and activities through the day to notice my personal process. Our own state of knowlegde wants to increase every day and I pay all my attention to it.

2 Minutes are shortish.

I reduce my answer to one sentence. Somedays I just thank a colleague, that he told me about the Singularity University in Mountain View. Other days I overpower my phobia of watching movies. Today I learned how to use Medium for arranging my thoughts in proper order.

What did you learn today?

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