3 Steps to Motivation

I’m sure all of us, at one time or another, have had that dreaded “brain fog.” You KNOW there is a lot you need to do. There’s a lot that you want to do. For whatever reason, at that moment in all the fog, you can’t think of a single thing. You want to be motivated! You want to be productive and have that ever-addicting feeling of accomplishment: “I did the things!” But you can’t get there.

If you’re like me and you live with a mental illness like PTSD, anxiety, an eating disorder, depression, panic attacks or something else — it’s even worse. You may look around and see things here and there that need doing, but that annoying, snippy little doom-n-gloom voice says, “Why bother? What’s the point?”

Here is how I get myself out of that ditch, the funk, the rut, etc…

  1. Make a list of your goals. They can be short term, long term, far flung dreams, or just simply putting on real clothes or taking a shower — just make a list of your goals. 
    It’s better to have a good mix of short and long term goals in my opinion. The sooner I see results at anything, the more likely I am to gain momentum.
  2. Make a list of obstacles. What do you need to be able to accomplish the goals? What is something you can personally improve on to better reach those goals? What external obstacle is in your way? Look within and without.
    If it makes it easier, pick just one goal and identify all of those obstacles first. It all depends on the type of goals you’re setting.
  3. List the 10 steps you can take to overcoming the obstacles or outsmarting the obstacles to get where you want to be and just focus on one thing at a time.

For me, just taking the 10 minutes or so to really hash out what I want, what I need, and how I feel in a quick and succinct way help to bring me out of that fog. I can categorize my thoughts and feelings and re-prioritize. When I have just 10 things to accomplish, the whole day and situation is a lot less daunting, rather than everything coming at me at once.