Lessons Learned From Working at Chick-fil-A

Anna Klawitter

I started working at Chick-fil-A at the age of 16. Honestly, it was the best first job I could’ve had. It’s a fast paced environment, which holds its employees to very high standards. Working there has shaped my work ethic in the best way, and given me the skills needed to succeed as I move forward in my career. While other fast-food restaurants may serve the same soft drinks and the same pre-packaged sauces, Chick-fil-A has taken the second mile in serving food.

Customer Service

I love people. I’m a real people person. Interacting and talking with people makes me come alive. I care about others and I believe in the impact just a smile or a few words can have on someone’s day. Working at Chick-fil-A has taught me how to tactfully deal with upset people, to mediate conflicts between guests and other employees, and listen carefully and intently to others and work to resolve the problem. Chick-fil-A takes the fact that its a business run by humans for humans, combines that fact with efficiency, and turns serving food into a beautiful art.

Time Management

SOS or Speed of Service is something important to keep at a good rate. We strive to be quick but never rushed. Working in the kitchen at Chick-fil-A has taught me to use my speed to my advantage and get the food out to the front counter team as soon as possible, while working in the front has taught me to stay quick on my feet, be incredibly accurate, and ensure the guest feels taken care of.

Serving Mindset

Chick-fil-A has taught me to pay keen attention to detail and to truly care about the person on the other side of the counter. Its taught me to be proactive in providing true quality for anyone walking through the door. Obviously no one person could run an entire store. I’ve learnt to work with others in a team to communicate effectively on what needs to be completed, and to work together with others to reach a set goal.

Working at Chick-fil-A has also taught me to have a can do mindset and because of working there I know if I don’t know how to do something, I will find a way to teach myself and learn that skill.

Chick-fil-A runs a powerful and successful business, and one of the reasons they’re able to do that is because of the mindset they encourage in their employees. Now excuse me while I finish my chicken minis…

Anna Klawitter

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