My playlist will tell you more about me. Part 1

My musical preferences have made me a lot of troubles. I wasn’t beaten because of them, but awkward moments have happened all the time. “What kind of music do you prefer?” This question makes me sick. It’s like “Do you believe in God?”. I don’t have simple answers for that. It would be easier to make a list of music bands and certain songs that I love and adore.

This playlist I’ve made for my English teacher. She lives in the city with the seashore and I’m a bit jealous. She can enjoy the sea whenever she wants. Spring is coming and this music should be a nice soundtrack for a walk by seashore, I guess

1. Limp Bizkit — Drown

Everybody knows their song “Behind Blue Eyes”, but my favorite is “Drown”. More dramatic, and in the same time calm and even peaceful.

‘Save me before I drawn’

Yeap, I understand that it sounds not good, if you are walking near the sea.

2. A Perfect Circle — 3 Libras

I absolutely adore this band. Every song, for it music and lyrics. For my big disappointment they have released three albums and that’s all

‘But I threw you the obvious just to see

If there’s more behind the eyes of a fallen angel

eyes of a tragedy’

Marina, I hope you are still listening. I promise there are songs not about tragedy.

3. Сalexico — The Black Light

“Calexico” should be listened for their music. Different rhythms, the intriguing guitar, the beautiful voice of Joey Burns.

‘Leave the heart of the city

For the heart of the world

Leave the heart of this city

Love the way her trust unfurls’

4. Duran Duran — So Long Suicide

I’ve heard that “Duran Duran” was the favorite one of Diana, Princess of Wales. Their video for “Ordinary Love” is a piece of art. Stylish and bright. But I chose “So Long Suicide” for this playlist for it’s lyrics.

‘And after all this crash and swell

We are just human

And after all is said and done

We’re only human’

5. Planet Funk — Lemonade

Crazy italians! I can’t stand quietly when listening to them. My body begins to move without my will.

‘Suck your lemonade

In the sun

Watch it run

Off your tongue’

6. Smoke City — Can you feel that?

This song is so peaceful and full of happiness. “Smoke City” disbanded in 2002 (I’m crying in this place). They mixed acid jazz and trip-hop, took some moods from samba and bossa nova.

‘It’s a carousel turning, an animal walking

And nobody knows what will happen

To anybody, anyway

And the more she will know when

She’s let it all go, once again, go…’

7. Variety Lab — London in the rain

I love this lounge song for its light and gentle manner. And of course for its one strict line ‘I love London in the rain’. Have nothing to add.

8. Kognitif — My Freedom has no price

A good old trip-hop with hip-hop that makes me smile. I didn’t define the lyrics. You’ll understand why.

9. Zero 7 — Somersault

In this song we can hear the voice of Sia Furler (that’s wright, THAT Sia). I didn’t like her latest music works, but this collaboration with Henry Binns and Sam Hardaker was perfect.

‘When I fear the unknown

You feel like home, you feel like home’

10. Morcheeba — Moog Island

‘The music that we hear is always standing near to feed us’ — this line the watchword of my life, “Morcheeba” rules. I think there is no necessity to explain how cool they are.

11. The Bird And The Bee — Man

My love at first sound. ‘The Bird And The Bee’ is an indie pop musical duo. Their music is funny, strange, ironic and romantic at the same time.

‘I want to be the best I can

For me, for you, for every man

But I can slip, I lose my place

This shamefulness is hard to face’

12. Emiliana Torrini — Fingertips

The impossible Icelandic singer and songwrite. You might know her by “Jungle Drum” (was used in a commercial) or by “Gollum’s Song” for the 2002 film “The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers”.

Before I can open my all to eager eyes

Everything changes from the oceans to the skies’

13. Tricky — For Real

Bristol black diamond of trip-hop. He has a very charismatic manner of speaking and the performing especially. Highly recommend all his works.

‘Don’t get me wrong, I know you got guns

And you’re not scared to use them

But is there money bein’ made ‘round these guns

Or lifes to be losin’

You watch too many films

Films, for real’

Tell me what music is your favorite and I say who are you. I will be waiting for characteristic, but don’t hurry up. The next playlist could surprise you.

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