Never have I ever…

London is such a tempting place in the centre of everything but surprisingly not so easy to reach. And that’s not only a question of being on the island or incredible tickets costs — the thing is that you must have good reason to be here. I have one, and this is marvelous because I dreamed about the UK since the first glance on This Is England show was taken.

However, frankly saying, everybody is extraordinary shocked by the quite trivial fact that it is my first time in London. No wonder I do experience a lot of things for the very first time (to be said in a Like a Virgin manner). First MA abroad, first time in a student hall with communal kitchen, first double-decker ride, first birthday party with people I’ve never met before and many other astonished and quite mediocre occasions.

And here is my first blog since my high school when I strongly decided not to have one ever. Nevertheless two weeks ago the tutors on my super prestigious journalistic course revealed the ugly truth: your CV costs nothing without a blog. I would add that from their perspective it costs nothing because it’s in Russian. Whatever it is I created a blog. God saves the Queen, so hopefully god will be likewise kind to this tiny thing.