Start-up journey of an anti-entrepreneur

OK, finally I’ve decided to start my own start-up journey blog: in part, to keep a track of how difficult it is, in part, to simply keep a record of how things go for anyone interested in seeing a dark side of entrepreneurship.

I feel that despite there are literally hundreds of blogs about running a company written by people who already succeeded, there is almost nothing (please, link prove-me-wrong relevant sources in comments below) written by people like me: those who can miserable fail at any given moment in time; those who would tell a story not in retrospect, by in the moment.

Why I believe that explaining things in retrospect is a bad idea? Well, if you want a detailed answer I’d refer you to a Black Swan by Nassim Taleb, but in short — yes, I do believe that business success is a chance/persistence game. On a positive side — because it’s a statistical quantity, if you play with it long enough… well, you know the rules:)

I also believe that I have all reasons not to be a stereotypical entrepreneur for at least following reasons:

  • I am a woman
  • I have a 1.5 year old child
  • I am not a Stanford/Yale/Harvard/MIT/you-name-it graduate
  • I am not even a CS major (in fact, my bachelor is in Ecology and I learnt how to program at age of about 20)
  • I am 34 year old
  • To keep my own company alive, I 80% employed for another big company and literally working 2 jobs at at a time (well, 3 if you count a baby)

That’s enough of reasons for beginning. Not only my profile does not look remotely entrepreneurial, I would even call it an anti-entrepreneurial.

My goal is:

  • to give you a weekly update about my business (more on that in a next post)
  • highlight failures
  • highlight successes
  • have your feedback on it
  • in less than 500 words (because how cares for longer reads?:).

Please, subscribe, comment, share. I really like people seeing other types of entrepreneurs, people who I call — anti-entrepreneur