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Best Websites to Find Remote Work

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I have been working remotely for 3 years now. I have been lucky enough to get my first remote internship back in London. In the same time, blessed again, I attended a free career event in London’s Google Campus and a representative from Upwork gave a speech about the platform. I decided to sign up immediately after hearing how many opportunities there are to work with global clients and to get involved in exciting projects! Since then I have built a strong profile on Upwork and now clients approach me with job invites daily. It took me 3 years, lots of hard work, self-discovery and frustration but here I am 🙂 !

There are more and more people who want to work online. I don’t blame them at all. It is so far the best way for me… to be location-independent. I have been running an online course on how to get online gigs, how to prepare to work with international clients and honestly most of my students are looking for clients on Upwork. The market there started to be quite challenging and entry criteria much more strict. I don’t want to lie, if you just start as a freelancer and your skills are still rather general than specific, it might be tricky to get your profile accepted. I heard that daily, around 10k people sign to Upwork! That is a lot of competition! In my next article, I will explain how to stand out with your profile or brand on most popular online work platforms.

To make a long story short, this is the reason why I prepared for you a list of websites and places that worked for a big bunch of people. Maybe they are right for you?

Check it out and let me know if you there are any others sites worth visiting.

Websites/places to go to for remote work:

Upwork — Mixed opinions on this site, but it’s the biggest platform and I used it successfully. Put some time into creating your profile, and don’t settle with the lowest paying jobs.

LinkedIn — Professional social media platform. I think everybody needs to have a profile here. Since I started visiting Linkedin daily, improved my profile and connected with many professionals, I received a couple of good job propositions!

Fiverr — I have my professional profile on Fiverr. I am currently working with one of my best clients who found me on Fiverr. You can literally sell there anything, from in-Canva-made social media posts, web design, dating coaching, cooking video recipes, astrology reading and even black magic spells (what the hell?).

We work remotely — Good website for finding tech jobs and more qualified management jobs. You can find many customer services opportunities as well. The most promising and innovating startups post there so don't miss that!

Get Apprenticeship — Great place to get your first internship. They are paid opportunities in a non-technical usually as a sales assistant or marketing intern related role at growing and exciting startups.

Remote OK — Many jobs opportunities with technical skills, however, I found a couple of good offers in ‘’non-technical’’ and ‘’marketing’’ categories.

Remotive — It is very up to date, a lot of offers in most common categories, but as well you can find education and HR. A big plus for the community development. Here you can join a remote freelance community on Slack. It is a paid offer for a minimum $49 (lifetime access).

Remote work hub — Minimalistic website, with many job offers and with a lot of resources. I find career advise section very interesting and insightful.

The Muse — Full-time jobs mainly from the US companies. Definitely worth checking it out to see what opportunities are there.

Freelance writing — As the website’s name suggests, only for writers. There are some cool writers resources like interviews, tips, copywriting and how to start writing career. A good database for newbies.

Workew — The Remote workplace for digital nomads. They help with resume screening and getting the job. Never tried their services, but seems like a legit site.

Find Bacon — For designers and developers with freelance, part-time, or full-time work.

Remote Mission — I love this one! For social impact remote workers. When you sign up you will receive a monthly newsletter with remote jobs in socially minded businesses.

ChairityJob — You can find full-time or part-time remote jobs and volunteering options in British charities, foundations, NGOs. You just need to choose — location — home-base option.

Translatorsbase — Do you know at least two languages? Good for you! Maybe you can you for some translation gigs?

Best of luck!