But… I think the best way to build a great business is to focus on product and proof. The early stage of a business is when everything is a blank canvas and you have maximum agility. It’s much harder to morph your product and business when you are already running at 75 miles per hour with a big team than when you are a small group that is just getting started. You will be more likely to make bad decisions at that point because you will feel loss aversion and a ton of pressure to maintain or accelerate your growth. The investors that you have convinced to do the series A are the very ones that believed that you were doing things the right way, which will make it even harder to change course. Some founders are able to do this, but most end up struggling, or doing it way too late.
Traction vs. Product
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Absolutely spot-on point. It is really difficult to turn around a larger team set on the wrong path. The entire business develops the wrong sort of ‘muscle memory’ which keeps them doing the wrong things with great zeal, again and again.

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