Fluence at GitCoin GR11

We are delighted to be a part of the GR 11 hackathon and support the web3 movement.

Grants Round 11 is organized by GitCoin, the biggest community of web3 developers. Starting on Sept 9th it will last for 22 days until Sept 29th. The previous hackathon, was the biggest for the GitCoin community, with 4600 participants, 21 sponsors, over $350,000 worth of bounties, and 250 submissions at the end.

What is Fluence?

Fluence is a peer-to-peer computing protocol. Fluence protocol creates an open p2p network, where peers provide computations, services, API that can be executed, composed into applications. The network is powered by…

This month we’ve been super busy getting ready for the Berlin Blockchain Week and then being there. This blockchain week had been the most intense given so far: 5 Fluence events, 600+ signups, 2 panel talks, 2 more workshops at the Metacartel and the Decentralized Storage Summit, and a ton of networking.

We want to thank each and everyone who had helped to make these events happen and all who had shared the stage with us: Parity, Nervos, Near, Oasis Labs, Oscoin, the Web3 Foundation and 1kx for having us at the panels.

Shoutout to those who had made it…

Anna Lekanova

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