Thinking about my APP

It’s been a month since C4Q class begins, I am not really going well with the Java coding, but as long as I have time, I try to learn from all resources I can reach. Thanks for Luke’s suggetion, the book “Head First to Java” helps me a lot. and I feel a little bit worry cos Unit 1 will start soon but I am still struggle with my Unit 0.

However, If I could make it, all I need is just 1–2 simple APP, I join this program with my wishes, the goal seems nearer after I learn JAVA. Sometimes really admire those classmates who can learn so fast and they are so smart. The think-piece part always can give me strength to let me encourage myself, push me on to the peak.

Right now I feel like I got the ticket to this fun party, but since I don’t exactly get the rule so I sometimes can not enjoy this cool program. I used to be a very good student when I was in school many years before, do not know what happened to me right now. I know the situation right now is “not ok”, but I still trying, keep trying. My APPs is my motive.

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