Stop — it’s what you do with it, not what you use.
J.E. Sharpe

I absolutely agree with you. Still, I think that shooting analog creates a possiblity to improve your photography. With an analog camera you have to “work harder” for your photos because you are forced to slow down and think about what you are doing. Of course, this can be done with any camera, but I think most people are used to the easy and fast paced shooting experience that a digital camera offers. They don’t think about slowing down and concentrating more in order to get a better photo. Many people even blame their camera gear for not achieving the results they expected and think they need to buy “better” gear for better results when they actually just need to slow down and think about their photos more beforehand. Choosing to shoot analog for a while can make you overthink your photography process and help you integrate the slower pace and higher concentration into your digital photography as well.

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