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Last weekend I was having a chat with one of my girlfriends about my finances. (Background context: for better or worse, money has never really stressed me out much.) I don’t own a house; I rent. I drive a fully paid off 2006 Honda Civic which I bought brand new fourteen years ago. Loans from my undergrad work are there but the interest rates are low. I travel a lot (well, I did before covid), I eat and drink well, and I am actually ashamed of the amount of clothes in my closet and drawers. …

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Many of us are still at home and gifted with a lot more time on our hands than we are accustomed to. Home and yard improvement projects abound, as do creative new ways to connect with our families and loved ones, learn new languages, or do yoga with 50 other people from the comfort of your living room. We also have a wonderful opportunity now to get to know ourselves better, without the typical noise of the external world and all of its expectations. One of my favorite ways to connect with myself and my desires? With a vision board.

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Globe-trotting has perhaps never been more accessible or popular than it is today (hello, travel influencer culture!). With our ever expanding ability to connect with new people, cultures, and destinations across the planet, the opportunities for exchange of ideas, cash flow and redefining our worldviews are as ripe as the mangosteens on display at the local night market.

There are downsides, however, to this beautiful gift of increasingly easy travel. Most of us have heard the terms ‘overtourism’ and ‘ugly tourists’ thrown around. The problems that exist within tourism are multivariate and complex, but know that at the end of…

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Have you ever convinced yourself of something wholeheartedly long before there is any solid reason to be so sure? Full of conviction, vibrating high, I was completely positive that he was the love of my life — my soulmate. So unshakably convinced of this, I told him exactly that. The 2am beach air whipped through our hair and I couldn’t wipe away the elation smeared all over my face after our kiss. The words just tumbled out. And it felt SO right.

Fast forward seven months. I had been dodging his calls the past week since he had flown back…

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I’ve been what one might call “stuck” for quite a few years now. Is my life terrible? Not even close. In so many ways my existence is beyond blessed: health, travel, so many delicious meals, beautiful hikes, loyal and brilliantly wonderful friends. But beneath it all a part of me is achingly, unwaveringly dissatisfied. Pissed off, even. And has been for a really long time. In short, I’m at odds with myself.

The above is NOT a newsflash. I have known this for a very long time. All my life I’ve been an avid keeper of journals, and I am…

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Let’s face it: most of them aren’t even good. Soggy, too-sweet buns bled through with thin, bloody fat. Cold, probably wet-ish fries of which only the sweet potato variety are in any way acceptable. The aging check presenter covered in hundreds of greasy past guest fingerprints you can’t see, holding haughtily that little slip of paper reminding you that you are an absurd enough human being to spend $40.00+ on such an unfeast. The awkwardness of the delivery tray — placemat, roll up, 12" round plate and cover, plastic wrap covered ice water {God forbid you ordered a soda or…

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Coming up with a title for a story, article, piece of artwork, etc., has, for me, always been one of the most challenging parts of creating. Or rather, not so much a difficulty in creating, so much as it is in sharing that piece of work with the world. A title sets the tone and expectations for what the reader will experience next. If it isn’t a ‘good’ title, readers may not even take that next step. A lot of pressure there.

Being somewhat self-aware, I know I’ve never been a particularly good “namer” of things — be it a…

Outlook in Nusa Ceningan, Indonesia

I sat down knowing I wanted to write about the endless allure that Asia holds over me — why it is that I keep going back. January 2017 was my last visit and the itchiness of my travel feet has grown increasingly intolerable. Shopping Black Friday flight deals, pulling up Google maps and globe spinning to the quadrant of contemplation on the daily, even re-reading my long neglected travel blog. A little less than two years doesn’t sound like a terribly long sojourn from a continent on the other side of the world, but in the cadence my life has…

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“The only negative feedback he gave is that..” she paused, shook her head roughly like she couldn’t believe these words were really going to come out. “…that my knife skills are off. That the diced vegetables for my mirepoix were all cut slightly diagonal!”

Her high-arched cheekbones flushed, laughing — both incredulous and still ashamed (and incredulous that she was still ashamed) — at this ridiculous comment. Ridiculous? Maybe so. But still, she knew the observation was true. Since this culinary school critique years ago Kate was forever fretting about the dimensions of onions and eggplant, jicama and jalapeños. She…

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Last October, from the Eastern Shore of Maryland, I scrambled desperately to access Northern California news outlets. Wildfires were ravaging Sonoma County, the place I’d called home my entire life. Parts of Santa Rosa (the city I’d lived in since 2009) were decimated, and during the first days, unpredictable, hot, dry winds made containment a lethal version of herding cats and had everyone glued to the tv, heartbroken and holding our breath as we guessed at the fires’ next moves. Only a few months earlier I had packed up all of my belongings and moved across the country, taking a…

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