My Sister’s (Book)Keeper: So Did it Work?
Genie Leslie

I listened to Bad with Money religiously and while I still like the series, it certainly got away from the original practicality. I felt that in the beginning the series was pretty hands on with very real world examples from a famous person I know and have watched for years. The second season, while very interesting, isn’t necessarily applicable on the day to day. I like it, but I think I would have preferred the series to stay along the Season One trend. Though, maybe that’s because I’m a religious Billfolder and we basically thrive on the voyeuristic openness around money we find here.

Genie and Kate- I really appreciated this series! I tend to be a Genie, but many around me are Kates. I love them all dearly and it was interesting to get to see you both work together on these issues. Unpopular opinion, but I hate YNAB and can see why Kate was overwhelmed. I’ve got spreadsheets galore and I still balk at that particular system. Something about it doesn’t directly appeal to me.

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