Not Everyone Who Wants to Travel Internationally Can Afford It
Megan Reynolds

I really appreciated this story and I certainly hope it causes pause for some. I’ve traveled internationally pretty aggressively since I graduated high school and all on my own dime. That being said, it’s important to recognize my privilege. I was blessed to be able to attend college at an affordable state school in the Midwest on sizeable scholarships. I’ve been extremely fortunate to have jobs and breaks that allow me to travel at affordable times as opposed to being locked in on national holidays (when prices skyrocket). I’m a young, single, healthy female without dependents.

There is a degree of prioritization, and my international trips often involve three to six to twelve months of aggressive scrimping but I’ve decided I’m willing to pay the cost. I don’t fault anyone for choosing daily, weekly, or monthly self care items over a few days or one week per year of international travel.

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