Friday Estimate
Nicole Dieker

Thank goodness it’s almost the weekend! After a long week, I’m planning to go out to lunch with some coworkers today ($15–20). My bf just finished his law school finals so we’re hoping to celebrate in some form or fashion- might be a meal out or going to a Museum late night ($30). Tomorrow I take the bus to Baltimore with a friend. The bus and hotel is paid for- but all food and attractions are not. I’m guessing 2–3 meals out ($50) and maybe a public transportation day pass ($4). I’m not sure if we’ll stick to the free things or suck it up and pay for the aquarium.

Sidenote: How is an aquarium that is targeted at children and families getting away with charging almost $40 for adults??? I know it’s expensive to keep it up, but I wish the city/state would partially subsidize it.

Estimate: $130?

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