Let’s Throw Some Money At Our Problems: July 2017 Monthly Check-In
The Billfold

This has been a good month- it was a little spendy in the food department but since it was also my birthday month a lot of things came out in the wash.

Savings Account, Goal $15,000:

June: $7,017.92

July: $8,023.75

6 Month Emergency Fund, Goal $9,500:

June: $6,890

July: $6,336.26

401K, Goal ???:

June: $3,278.24

July: $4,229.35

I’m trying to figure out a better way to report these amounts- over the past couple months I’ve been moving money from my Checking Account into my Savings Account at a rate of $1000/month. However, the amount I actually save each month is usually between $500–700. As a result, it looks like my Savings Account is growing regularly and my Emergency account(checking) is decreasing. Next month I might change up my reporting method because at the end of the day I want Savings and most of the Emergency Fund in the same account.