Monday Check-In
Nicole Dieker

Ugh- this weekend completed blindsided me for spending. Friday was a tame evening of drafting cover letters with my bf and eating in.

On Saturday morning, my mom called me to buy our tickets for a family wedding in San Jose. She’s renting a car and so we both had to time our flights to arrive and leave at a similar time (difficult to do when she’s flying from Kansas and I’m flying from NY). It ended up being around $550 for my flights. The price we pay to see family! The rest of Saturday was spent wandering around the Lower East Side and Skyping with my little sisters. I spent $10.28 at a candy store that carries both Ritter and Milka Marzipan bars. The marzipan/chocolate combo is my all time favorite.

Sunday was a no-spend day.

Estimate: $40 Actual: $575.08

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