Contemporary Jewish Museum

at Stanley Kubrick: The Exhibition

Passing by downtown area of SF, this “tilted, dark-blue stainless steel cube” always caught my eye… what is this building?

It is actually a Jewish Museum. Although this concept sounds slightly unfamiliar to me, couldn’t stop me from walking in and exploring!

The interior design is as amazing as the outside, you can feel the lights passing through the diamond-shaped little windows on the tilted ceiling, bringing a closeness to the sky, as if in a spaceship! And interestingly, that first time I was there, the exhibition was actually for the director of “the space odyssey” — Stanley Kubrick. Walking among the Props in the film , as if stepping into many virtual worlds in films.

The more recent time that I was there, the museum is featuring this exhibition called: “From Generation to generation, inherited memory and contemporary art”, which I thought was a specially cool topic there because a museum is where people archive memory of certain periods, but here the exhibition is telling you a story of memory through using collection of memory.

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