I have to get something out of my system.

There is this one thing that I can’t understand about life [don’t worry this is not an “inspiration” piece] It bugs me and worries me and just scares THE HELL OUT OF ME. And this thing is our memory! [shock emoji] I freaking hate the fact that I forget the majority of the things that happen to me throughout the years. If you were to ask me what was 2013 like for me, I honestly don’t remember much. Yes, there are some bits and pieces, but it will take a good effort to get some actual memories. 2007? No clue. Was I in 7th grade? What was I doing there — blank space.

Doesn’t it scare you? You live your life full of ups and downs, day by day, month by month, 5 years by 5 years and then !boom! you are 67 years old and it all just went AWAY. [made myself feel uncomfortable inside with this one] It sucks! All you are left with is a rough timeline and few milestones of THE life. That same life that you are trying so hard to make fun, successful and adventurous. Or whatever else you are trying to do, no judgment.

But how is it fair?! I want to remember so much moreee! Not only what happened to me, but my feelings and experiences and people around, all that crazy sh..tuff.

“Hey get yourself a journal and stop wasting my time”, yeah yeah I hear you reader, but I am more complicated than that! [and better at jokes most of the time]

You know this feeling when you get out of a serious relationship and you wanna “rediscover” yourself…well, I just got out of the super serious long term kick-ass relationships with this diverse, very dynamic and youthful “Izak” person :wink We took care of each other, contributed to each others growth and development, traveled together, it was really cool…but it was not the kind of relations you stay in for life.

ANYWAY, now I feel like trying out a bunch of stuff to unravel my creative energy [proud of remembering that phrase] and MAKE SURE I REMEMBER MY LIFE! Recently I enjoyed writing blogs for my work [yeah right, if only I had one hahaha…sorry] and I wanna see what can I do for myself.

I feel like it’s going good so far, and what if I started writing this with an idea to commemorate one month since I am living in Montreal, but ended up with a completely different topic! Cmon, this is my first time, be nice :blush emoji

If you are a friend of mine [hey friend] I expect a nice message saying how awesome I am. If you are not [most likely you are not, cause I have like 5 friends :crying] feel free to let me know how you feel about you being unable to remember your life, cause it can’t be only me feeling this way! [please let it not only be me]

Thank for readiingggg!

Oh and to end this I will put a gif of Drake, cause it’s his birthday today, byee!