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Ah, sorry. You do need to be a bit more specific.

And in any case, it does work that way. The electoral college does not vote until December 17th. Electors are not bound in about 1/3 of the states, in accordance with the Constitution. In addition the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact being reviewed in several states could potentially be passed, though the chances are of course very slim.

Until December, he is not the President-Elect, just the presumptive President-Elect. That is a fact. Another fact is that a suitable public outcry could theoretically prevent him from becoming President-Elect. If people stood by their morals and spoke out about the potential power and obvious failings of the Electoral College, and the necessity of action, he could never get inaugurated. Again, a slim and utterly unprecedented chance but a Constitutional one.

Kindly stop trying to patronize me when you so obviously don’t understand what you’re talking about.