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LGBT issues aren’t automatically inappropriate for young people. In fact, they affect a significant percentage of young people. Kids have brains and ears like everyone else. They have preferences and are influenced by society. They can have crushes and make choices about how they present themselves to the world, and they can be cruel to each other for those same choices.

Allowing them to understand the full spectrum of humanity, and recognize their own feelings is important. My elementary school experience probably would have been a lot less difficult if I’d realized I had crushes on the popular girls and didn’t just interpret it as seething jealousy. Other children find themselves bullied for something that hasn’t even been explained to them, or in the absence of proper education end up with a skewed schoolyard idea the LGBT community.

This is an issue that is already effecting kids and teens, and it’s heartening to hear that the educational system is being forced to acknowledge it. These are actions that could save young people a lot of heartache and confusion down the line.

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