Ethical Obligations

“Katy cringes every time she hears her friends use words like “retarded” or “gay” in a derogatory manner. Should she object when it happens, or should she let it pass so people won’t think she’s weird?”

I believe that Katy should speak up when terms like “retarded” or “gay” are used in a derogatory manner. I believe that everyone should speak up when they are uncomfortable because if we do not no one around us will be able to understand that we just plainly do not like what is being said or being done. When we use terms that are not supposed to be used in such a derogatory manner we are supporting a negative conversational complex that if we do not stop we can not break.

When we are silent we are not changing what could be. The most amazing thing I believe that our country, The United States has is the freedom of speech. The ability to speak our minds and convey to the world around us that something makes us feel a certain way. If we never spoke up our world would stay consistent and never changing.

Our youth sees what we do and hears what we say and based off of the things that we say, or do they copy us. When I was younger in school everyone would say something was “retarded” like doing homework. It wasn't until I had a math teacher who sat the class down and told us his life story about how using derogatory terms like “retarded” was not ok. That the terms were traditionally set to not hurt but to explain a certain mental illness. It wasn't until someone put it into a perspective that was not my own that I finally understood how it could actually hurt someone using terms like this.

When Katy hears things that she does not like she should speak up. worrying about whether or not someone likes you because you say something doesn't matter, if something is wrong say it is wrong. If they think you are weird or “retarded” then screw them, you're standing up for what you believe in and that's all that matters at the end of the day. When the person you have told to stop uses this word they are forever going to hear you tell them to stop in the back of their minds and eventually they will grow up and realize that what they are saying is not okay.

If we do not stand up for those who can not stand up for themselves then we as humans will never progress. Worry and overthinking is overrated, Our generation can change what someone does to someone else by using our words to speak up and make a change. Katy can decide to make a change in our world, can you? Make your stand and let the world hear your voice, it has more amazing things to provide then you will ever imagine!