Technology hacks that help

Three examples of adding humanity, humility and humour to campaigns for worthy causes.


Erasing domestic violence from your history with a piece of code that could erase any links containing a series of trigger words from your browser history, leaving the rest of it intact.

I don’t really remember the time before the internet, but I do remember the time before incognito browsing. And during that time I worked with a wonderful little charity called Shine, who opened my eyes to the atrocious scale of domestic violence in New Zealand.

The internet was this endless resource for community, support and advice, but also a means for violent partners to spy and control. Having a completely empty browser history was as risky as as a search result for help.

Working with a developer we built, and successfully tested the script which ran undetected in the background to remove any content related to help escaping violence from your browser history.

Then both the creative director and I stopped working at that agency. Politics happened. I pushed to get it live anyway, but my new agency had another domestic abuse charity on their books. And more politics.

A couple of months later incognito was launched across most popular browsers making the idea redundant. But all did not go to waste, now if you know where to look on popular New Zealand online shopping or banking websites you can find a portal into a completely private window with help on how to escape from a violent partner. Result.


Making it easy for anyone to run a charity marathon, by crowdsourcing one between two interactive digital out of home screens in Manchester.

Campaign Magazine’s 2015 CityLive challenge asked if there was a more innovative way of using Digital Out Of Home to raise awareness for McMillian Cancer Care. We took a positive approach, and I helped steer “Team Sandoz” towards victory with this idea…


Turning your lazy ass excuses into genuine muscle building potential for kids with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy with a fun donation mechanic.

Harrison’s Fund have made some bold creative work over the years, but came to us with a more direct challenge; could we help raise the funds needed to help fund a cure for Duchenne Disease.

The UK wastes a staggering £558m on unused gym memberships every year, money which would go a long way to funding a cure for this fatal disease. Starting with a simple insight about people wasting opportunities to build their muscles, we created the gym excuses campaign:

This work drives to the website where anyone can donate £ in return for a gym excuse to share in social media. Enjoy your day off!