I’m sorry, I can’t get behind the idea of masculine and feminine dynamics in nature other than what…
Liz Smith

Liz Smith I understand your point. The traditional female roles that you do not identify with are indeed a “human-derived concept” just like everything else is in life. We all pretty much made everything up :) But I would like to argue that loving color pink, romance and being girly is also a “feminine” energy that you have identified for yourself and do not identify with. These are features and traits that culture has defined for us as to what it is to be a girl. Another female would say she hates doing her nails but loves pink… does that make her less feminine? Child birth is a choice that every woman makes for herself. I personally would love to have a family. But I respect women’s choice of not having them. I am not a fan when women call this #freedom but I understand that it might mean freedom for them.

Anyhow, what I’m getting at is that feminine/masculine can certainly be put in a specific box but they don’t have to be set it stone and by all means they are not. I am not sure what your friends are discussing about this subject on a daily basis but femininity for me is definetly not being in love with pink, wanting children and family and being all lovey dovey into romance. I see it differently, it comes from within. When I feel it it’s beautiful and liberating. Everyone has their own version and notion of femininity and we all have the right to. Whatever works for us and leads us to having a happy, balanced life is what we need to be doing more. :)

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