Awesome! But I guess it works best when you really have a lot of foreigners coming or at least –…
Rodica Gavrilita

Rodica, that’s a great question! From my side I will have 7 family members with 2 children and 5 friends from Chisinau. So that part is easy, I invited everyone in person over the phone. Most of them will just join for the Saturday wedding event. We will give them the choice to attend all the other activities as well. I do not have extended family in Moldova (I mean I do but so it happens that we don’t communicate.)

String, on the other hand, has many family members in Serbia who are not so good with the internet so we will be sending them very simple printed invitations as a gesture of respect and courtesy :) A lot of them won’t be able to make it but those who will are invited for the whole 4 days if they can come. I have left that part to String since it’s only his family. But I think he will just create a PDF with the date on top, the agenda and that’s it :)

Hope this helps!

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