Top 10 Houston Based Mobile App Development Companies

Top Houston App Developers

Mobile applications are gaining popularity all over the world as an advanced model of digital interaction. It doesn’t matter whether we use mobile phones, laptops, or tablets, everything happens in a matter of seconds — ordering food to calling a cab to fixing an appointment with your doctor and so on — with the help of mobile applications.

In today’s business environment, mobile applications are so important to create a positive impact among your potential clients — it helps in easy communication and retaining them consistently.

The popularity of online shopping has created a huge impact in every sector since the last 5 years. Just imagine if your business in Houston is available online, and your clients have the opportunity to connect your business through a dedicated mobile application. Don’t you think it can create an excellent impression?

By getting a mobile application for your business, knowingly or unknowingly, you restrict their options to run behind your competitors; people love simplicity and your business has it.

Still confused? Read the following facts supporting my statements:

  • We spend more time online than other channel these days
  • Within the online media, majority of users prefer mobile phones over computers
  • In the last three years, time spent on mobile devices per day has increased by 700% among the global users
  • Mobile users pay special attention to apps instead of browsers to make use of various services
  • Mobile applications provide better user-experience over normal responsive browsers

Quite interesting, huh?

Apart from merely sharing the facts, I would like to also convey the benefits of having a mobile application for your business in Houston:

Here are some of the core benefits of mobile apps for businesses.

  • An advanced brand identity for your business
  • Powerful marketing channel
  • Improved visibility and accessibility
  • Easy online purchases/sales
  • Increased user-base and collect database of prospects/clients

One among the major reasons why I thought of updating a post like this is because I find that mobile app development industry in Houston is saturated these days.

Looking for talented mobile app developers in Houston can be a tricky process. Seriously! Most of the businesses find it a bit difficult to choose the best app development companies among hundreds in the city. As a business owner, you may have to judge them on the basis of a number of parameters — whether the developer you choose is fully committed towards the project, his/her expertise in the industry, project delivery on time, an accurate price that suits your requirement, etc.

Not just that… most of the times, business owners are worried about the price factor to develop a mobile application for their business too. It should be budget friendly inclusive of all the necessary features aligning your product/service.

I have seen that the app development companies in Houston charges anywhere from $10,000-$80,000 on average for a standard mobile application, and it takes time and extra efforts to find the best app developer/company that suits well with your business.

Let’s say you get in touch with a developer and you feel good to go after the first meeting session. However, there lies a solid question before you consider taking the deal forward: are you sure that the information he provided was true? How to break that deal?

It can’ be done easily. Also, chances are high that the project may go tricky, and you may have hard time dealing with your app developer to make your first Android/iOS mobile application live.

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I believe it is the quality of product/service going to matter at the end, which comes from a reliable work process too. From my experience working with the top mobile app development companies in Houston, I am happy to guide you through the process of finding an app developer for your business.

Here is the list of Top Mobile App Development Companies Houston

If you are looking forward for a perfect launch, you can either choose Android, iOS or any other recommended mobile operating system. Just make sure that the mobile application matches your operating system. Hence finding the type of application you require is the first deal breaker.

If you believe your targeted customers are users of iPhone or iOS platform, there is no need of looking into Android. However, there are chances that your users may include both Android and iOS lovers. In such cases, you can either adopt a cross platform or build Android/iOS applications separately.

Here are the top iOS/Android app development companies based in Houston which I recommend for your business:

#1. Desss — Global Mobile App Developer

The Desss is a skilled team of app developers who have developed fully-customized mobile apps(iOS/Android) from scratch for the multi-national companies. We have our own passionate developers and creative designers holding the potential to handle any level of projects. This makes us stand apart from the other app development companies in United States.

Contact Number: 713–589–6496

Address: Wilcrest Dr, Suite 510 Houston, TX — 77042

#2. ChaiOne — Design and Develop Apps for your Mobile Workforce

ChaiOne is a mobile app development company based in Houston, United States. Our major expertise is on incorporating the development skills into unique design materials. Our major clients include Weatherford CygNet, a remote worker productivity application, and EDF, an Apple watch app enabling traders to get real-time notifications.

Contact Number: 888-316-0357

Address: 1800 West Loop South, Suite 2100 Houston, TX — 77027

#3. Code AuthorityMobile Apps Crafted in the Heart of The Lone Star State

Code Authority is providing the best quality mobile app development services to business owners/startup sectors in United States.

Our in-house team of developers can deliver the highest quality service to produce the best solution suiting your needs. We strongly believe in manual coding process and always work on coding the structure of mobile applications & games; you can nullify the possibilities to find out errors throughout our work process. All our coding signals follow the industrial standards that supports your services smoothly and reap the ROI.

Contact Number: 713-343–5342

Address: 1200 Smith Street; Suite 1600 Houston, TX 77002

#4. Seven Tablets — What Can the Perfect Mobility Solution Do for You?

By developing notable mobile applications for iOS, Android, and Windows, our team has achieved success stories for Fortune 1000 companies. We are currently serving small- and medium-sized businesses, start-up companies, and large enterprises who are in need of a standard mobile application. With our rich experience in the mobile app development industry, our motto is to introduce worthy mobile applications that can serve a business need.

Contact: 832–632–4869

Address: 6100 Corporate Dr; Suite #560 Houston, Texas 77036

#5. New Peak Solutions — Aim Higher

New Peak Solutions is a Houston based IT consulting and solutions company managing by a team of digital marketing experts. Our unique and innovative software solutions adds value to the businesses of our customers. Instead of working for you, we believe in the ideology of working together. The major industries we deal include financial, legal, technology, manufacturing and much more.

Contact: 312-487–1210

Address: Scanlan Building, Houston, TX 77002

#6. Square Melons Inc. — Creative Mobile and Web Solutions

We started developing mobile applications in 2007 and later developed into a fully functional mobile-first software development company. We know the art of app development, and so all our clients are happy working together with us to reach their business goals. We allow our clients to publish their powerful mobile applications at an affordable cost within short time. Right now, we’re showing our presence in other product based services to improve the lives of global communities.

Contact: 866-793-0499

Address: 10849 Kinghurst Street, Suite 135 Houston, Texas 77099

#7. Appaustic — Let Your Business Go Live

Appaustic is a Houston mobile design and mobile development company assisting global brands and cutting-edge startups. We’re a product team available for hire primarily focusing on making life better through the introduction of mobile applications, one app at a time. Our team members are passionate, particular, and proven… you can clearly witness the service quality in our work.

Within the short span of time, Appaustic become one of the largest and most successful team of mobile app developers in the world. However, our values and work ethics didn’t let us rest on our laurels.

At Appaustic, we create mobile applications of all sizes and shapes, but the common advantage of all are apps are they communicate with servers. Very few apps today operate without the presence of internet connectivity, but our high end apps interact well with backend, web services, or APIs.

Contact: 832–998–8306

Address: 11600 Jones Road, Suite 108–3, Houston, Texas — 77070

#8. Reneka App BuildersConcept. Create. Connect

For small businesses running in competitive marketplace, a fully customized mobile application can make you standout along with the recommended service you provide. Reneka App Builders focus on clients who are looking for mobile apps (iOS/Android) within the budget price. It doesn’t mean we offer our services for cheap cost, but we have wide range plans available for your application to go live. We design and develop mobile applications specializing in AI-enabled software solutions, which are highly recommended for mobile, wearable, and IoT devices.

With lean operational and development processes, Reneka App Builders has grown exponentially and has become a remarkable partner for companies around the world.

Contact: 713-322-4000

Address: 410 Pierce Street, Suite 300 Houston, Texas 77002

#9. Sheer Industries — Mobile.Web.Mixed Realty.

Sheer Industries promises to serve cutting-edge mobile application development services for both Android and iOS platforms in every industry. Our mobile app developers are highly skilled to deliver the exclusive range of mobile services. We’re also listed as one of the leading app development companies across the world to create most modern and interactive interfaces.

While we our major focus is on your development needs, we’ll help you out in marketing your mobile application using our solid marketing practices. With the rich experience working together with renowned real estate companies in United States, Sheer Industries is a recommended company to work together for your mobile app development needs.

Address: 2500 Yale St Suite B, Houston, TX 77008 USA

#10. Ayoka Systems — Enterprise Mobile App Developer

At Ayoka Systems, our mission is simple: helping our clients to witness the maximum growth potential of their businesses. We strongly believe that the future is meant for mobile application; our goal is to build mobile applications for the business enterprises in Houston by the end of 2025. It is good to say that the global audience is paying special attention on businesses holding their mobile applications, and we can help you out in creating the best Android/iOS app.

Contact: 832-210-0003

Address: 700 Milam St #1300 Houston, TX 77002

Mobile applications are necessary because of its direct connection to purchases and business growth. You should think of getting one for your business and I am confident that the future belongs to mobile applications for every business model. Take the action now so that you may avoid competing with your competitors in future.

I hope my list of top app developers in Houston will help you to simplify the task of choosing a right mobile development company/developer in Houston.

If you have more questions, feel free to drop them in the comments section below.

Anna R.

Proud Marketing Strategist With Love For Mobile Apps