Rick Snyder

The governor of Michigan is Rick Snyder. His full name is Richard Dale Snyder. Snyder was born August 19, 1958. He is now fifty-eight years old. He was born and raised in Battle Creek, Michigan. He attended the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, University of Michigan Law School, and University of Michigan Business school. At the University of Michigan he completed his own degree using interdisciplinary studies as well as obtaining his CPA to become a Certified Public Accountant. He is married to Sue Snyder and together they have three children. Rick Snyder is a republican, a family man, and a self proclaimed, “touch nerd.” Rick Snyder has and believes in a strong work ethic and that is what has gotten him far in life.

Rick Snyder has been serving as Michigan’s governor for the past six years. His goal as governor was to make the government more effective and more efficient. I believe that this is why Michigan citizens voted him into office. He was able to convince citizens that he would be able to do this for them. He has serviced the citizens of Michigan well. In the past six years that he has been in office he has passed six balanced budgets that have eliminated a $1.5 million deficit.

Snyder was able to do such a good job because of his background in accounting and small business ownership. Under Snyder’s leadership Michigan’s unemployment rate dropped to an all time low in the past fifteen years. He has also included Healthy Michigan. Which is bipartisan that is a plan to provide affordable health care to Michigan citizens. Snyder is now on his second term as governor and has been very successful in leading Michigan’s citizens.

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