If you can’t change a situation, change the way you look in it.

Everyone has this very moment when something is just ruining you from inside. It doesn’t leave you, and as far you let it torturing you as more you become unhappy.

Usually it happens because you pay too much attention to things that are not actually worth it. But it this time this thing is the most important one in the world. And in 90% you can’t stop worrying, you can’t deal with it.

For example, your boyfriend/girlfriend doesn’t like you anymore. I hope you’’ll agree that it’s totally ok. BUT in that moment you almost ready to kill yourself, because the pain and hurt that this situation caused don’t let you breath free.

The solution is quite simple. Unfortunately, nobody really muse about it.

Just try to talk with yourself. Btw, I consider a dialog wit yourself the best option in any problem.

So, let’s get it started.

Ok, this guy doesn’t like me. But I haven’t liked milk for all my life too. Just remember: nothing is eternal, not you, not your friend, not this fucking planet. So why should I blame myself for this axiom? I need to focus on that time when I was happy with this person and then leave this memories somewhere deep in my brain.

So, two things that I learned from the last year:

  1. If you can’t change a situation, try to change the way you look in it.
  2. Nothing is eternal.