Gun-free(dom) Zones

Gun-free zones are solely an invitation to mass shooters. The signs that are posted outside schools, hospitals, restaurants, and federal buildings tell a shooter that everyone inside this establishment is defenseless. Gun-free zones are the equivalent of leaving your car running in the parking lot with a sticky note on the window that says “please don’t steal.”

Lt. Governor of Texas, Dan Patrick, stated that only two mass shootings since 1950 have occurred outside a gun-free zone. Nationwide, since January of 2009, 92% of mass shootings occurred in a gun-free zone. America needs to realize that these zones tell criminals that no upstanding citizens in this establishment can stop you. The abolition of gun-free zones will not change the culture of an area or encourage trigger fingers as many media outlets have suggested, but rather safety and reassurance. This is corroborated by the fact that only 5.2% of all adults have conceal carry permits.

A recent article from the National Review, “A Look at the Facts on Gun-Free Zones,” reported a number of incidents where a concealed-carrying bystander prevented a criminal situation from escalating or from occurring in the first place. The sad reality is that these heroic acts didn’t make national news.

The national conversation after each mass shooting is always “we need to get rid of guns,” but gun rights advocates, Republican and Democrat alike, must realize that “gun control” has already been implemented. What good are guns if you can only carry them in your house?