I’m a Genius

photo credit: Ricardo Viana

I read an article today that claimed people who swear a lot, stay up late, and keep a messy workspace tend to be quite intelligent.

This made me feel really fucking good about myself. If you know me at all, you know that I meet all three requirements, on a daily basis.

I think that sometimes (all the time) we take a look at our lives and pick out all of the bad stuff. The flaws we carry with us daily. And then we put them in a box, label them, and file accordingly.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been told not to use swear words. How many times I’ve been told to go to bed earlier. Just go to sleep, they say. Yeah, okay, sure.

And if I had just half a penny for how many times I’ve been told that I’m too messy and need to clean my shit up, I’d be a fucking trillionaire.

I know it’s just one article, and there are probably tons of studies that say otherwise, but to think that I’ve spent a large portion of my life believing that I was doing it — LIFE — wrong, then to read this and find out I’m actually a genius…well, it’s a bit disappointing.

The good thing is, I don’t think I ever actually believed it. I mean, in a way I did, but I think I mostly just tried to change it. To be accepted. Even though I knew that there was no hope in changing who I am.

Changing who we are does nothing. Accepting who we are is where the good shit’s at.

It’s time to stop listening to other people, and start listening to ourselves. To listen to our hearts. Believe it or not, our hearts know things, too. Even practical and logical things. I think there’s a myth out there that listening to our hearts is synonymous to living in a dream world. But it’s just not.

Let us not confuse trusting our selves, trusting our lives, with being an idiot.

Let us decide who we want to be and not read in to labels and boxes and bullshit.

Let us say all the swear words we want.

Let us stay up all night long and howl to the moon if that’s what feels right.

Let us leave messes just to leave a mess, simply because we don’t feel like cleaning it up.

And for goodness’ sake, let us not allow petty opinions to define us!

If there’s one thing you absolutely get to be in this life, it’s YOU.

Be You. Forget everything else.

Except for that I’m a genius. Don’t forget that.

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