Why Trusting Your Life is the Only Thing You’ll Ever Need to Do.

photo credit: Carl Cerstrand

In the last six months, my life has done a complete 180.

I’ve gone from having absolutely zero confidence in my writing ability to getting minor freelance writing jobs to getting freelance jobs I genuinely enjoy.

There are a few factors that have gone into this transformation, the first of which is very simple: trust.

It starts with trust and ends with trust. There are a lot of minor details in between, but when it comes down to it, having the courage to trust my life is what’s kept me afloat this year.

When I say trust, I don’t mean sitting back and allowing life to stomp all over you and thinking it’s okay like, ‘Oh, Anna said it’d work out, so I’ll just wait here...’

No. I mean trusting your life.

I mean having an openness to your path. To the journey that you, and you alone, are on. It means listening to your gut instincts when they tell you to leave that job. It means turning the volume up on the voice of your intuition and allowing it to lead you. It even means listening to that voice that tells you when your food’s gone bad. Yes, only this morning, I reached for a carton of milk that had not yet reached it’s expiration date and before I could even open it, I knew it would be rancid. One whiff of that stuff was all it took to confirm that little hunch.

Call it intuition, gut feeling, Soul, whatever you want.

It doesn’t matter what you call it, it only matters that you trust it.

When we trust our lives, things tend to fall into place.

I’m not saying that you can quit your job, sit back and expect your dream to fall into your lap.

I’m saying to trust that gut feeling and dance with it a little bit. Trust it enough to know that it will take care of you.

Your soul is cheering you on. Your intuition is screaming at you because it’s on your side. Your gut is nudging you one way or another for a reason.

Trust it.

One more treasure for you to put in your pocket: this will not be easy.

But so often, that’s how you know you’re moving in the right direction for you.

Easy’s boring anyway. Choose yourself. Choose to listen.

Choose to trust.