It started with all of me.

Then most of me.

Then some.

And then none.

I became prey. Prey for my own predator. A predator that I created. That I allowed. Constantly ripping myself to shreds.

Believing I had nothing to offer anyone else. So I attacked myself.

No more, I hear in that strong, sweet voice. No more.

I will no longer tear myself apart.

I will no longer give anyone the power to take away my, “No.”

I will no longer deny the All of Me that I began this journey with. The All of Me that was so strong.

Oh, sweet child of mine, you’ve always been so strong.

You’re the one who used to go up to people, flex your arms and say, “They might not look very strong, but they are. Hard as a rock.”

You’re the one that was never afraid to speak up. Never afraid of your own voice.

You’re the one that sang. All the time you sang, never caring about how good or bad it was because you felt the notes from deep within you and that was all that mattered.

You’re the one who refused to wear matching clothes because you loved all the colors instead of just some of them.

You’re the one who believed with every ounce of your being that you were a mermaid, and anyone who tried to take that away from you was in for a lengthy argument that you won, every single time.

You were so fierce.

You are so fierce.

Oh, sweet child of mine, I remember you. I am here with you.

It is because of you that I’ve gone from none to some, most to all.