Will the Real Catholic Please Stand Up?

Let’s be real for a minute. I’ve only been on Medium for less than a week. So bear with me if I break the rules. I’m learning as I go.

Tl;dr version of myself: Catholic. Millennial. Youth Minister. Writer. Artist. Musician.

Those labels should give you an inaccurate image to stereotype with.

Now that that’s settled.

Most of my labels which I use can be construed yo be negative. Here I am, an entitled Millennial dreamer clinging to an archaic hierarchy. Right?

Not so.

When I browsed the tag “Catholic,” of the top 10 hits, none of them stood in line with the full Church teaching. Most of them explained how the Church is wrong about this or that ideal, or ruined their childhood somehow.

So following the trend of the other posts, this is where I should say, “I’m Catholic, but…”

…but I actually love to be Catholic!

The Church is my lifeblood. The community, the history, the opportunity to both grow and be forgiven, the richness of the sacraments, the Truth of it all… I could go on for hours, telling you that discovering Christ through the Church is my greatest blessing yet.

And sure, I enjoy reading things from other Christians, and about Millennials, and writing, and art, but the Church has always been first in my life.

So my question, my first post to Medium, is simply this: will you “real” Catholics please stand up? I’d love to see what you’re writing, and reading, and sharing.

And if you’re not (or no longer) Catholic, don’t be offended by this post. I write about other stuff, too.

Just mostly the Church.