10 Amazing Free Fonts to Use in Your Next Design Project

Fonts can make or break your entire design. It has the capacity to present content in an eye-catching and prominent way. Many digital designers struggle with font selection. Here are 10 of the most important fonts to use in your design projects:

1. Railey

Railey is a modern handwritten script font, which you can use for designing websites, wedding cards etc. This font is commonly used for designing home decor, blogs, t-shirts and print design related projects. The font is free to use for your personal projects.

2. Shella Font Trio

Shella Font is a set of three various typefaces coupled with multiple styles. It also features a hand brushed design. This font helps to create innovative and attractive web and print graphics.

3. Striped King

This is another handwritten script font that allows you to draw stylish striped designs. This vintage styled design helps to draw what you really want in an old classic style and is available for free on the internet.

4. Sandbrush Script Font

Sandbrush Script font is a hand-brushed styled font that helps to create informal and casual designs. This font aptly suits in branding your designs on casual things such as t-shirts, posters, invitation cards etc.

5. Highlander

Highlander is another exquisite and stylish script font that can be used to create posters, greeting cards, website etc.

6. Millennium

Millennium is a blackletter themed font that you can use to create creative logos, banners, websites, blog headers, posters, and flyers. It provides font options in different formal and informal styles.

7. Quantum

Quantum is a modern and stylish font that can be used for science-fiction and space designs. It is perfect for crafting logos and headers for themed websites.

8. Lactosa

This is a creative script font. It is easily available on the internet. This font is commonly used for designing website headers, social media graphics, posters, banners, t-shirts, and cards.

9. Monkstead

It is a classic vintage themed font. This font is easily available on the internet. You can use this font to create posters, banners, website headers etc.

10. Old Growth

This is a new font inspired by the old forest in the West Coast of the United States. It gives a rough and uneven look which is still bold and convincing enough. It is best suitably used for quotes, posters, banners, website headers etc.

If you have any other fonts that you love using in your digital projects, feel free to share those with us through comments.

Rabia is a freelance writer at Cybervision, web design company in Pakistan. She loves to share her tips and opinions on topics related to web technology and marketing.