How to Open Multiple Accounts in Yahoo! Messenger?

If you have too many Yahoo! account, you must be looking for posts telling how to open multiple accounts in Yahoo! messenger. Sometimes, we need to sign-in to all our accounts at the same time. this article will tell you how to access multiple accounts on Yahoo! messenger.

  1. Launch the registry editor by pressing the shortcut key Window+Run. Type regedit in the textbox and hit enter key. 
    2. The Registry Editor screen will pop. On the left panel of the screen go to My Computer>HKEY_CURRENT_USER>Software>Yahoo>Pager>Test. 
    3. Right click on the blank area of the window and click on New> String Value. Name the string value ‘Plural’. 
    4. Double click on the ‘Plural’ and enter ‘0’ in the Value data text box. Click on OK. 
    5. You’re done now. You can close the Registry Editor. Now you can open multiple Yahoo! account on Yahoo! messenger and chat with your friends.


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