How to prevent Security programs and Add-on browsers from blocking Yahoo script?

How to prevent Security Programs Antiviruses, Anti-Malwares, Anti- Spyware and Add-on browsers sometimes block Yahoo script misinterpreting it as an unwanted file This affects the normal functioning of Yahoo.

The procedure to prevent Security programs and add-on browsers from misinterpreting Yahoo as unwanted Script is as follows

  1. First Allow the Yahoo Scripts and then turn JavaScript on
    2. Disable your Add-ons and security products one by one to verify which one of them is the trouble maker
    3. Once you will disable an add-on or a security program, check your Yahoo! to confirm it is working. If Yahoo! starts functioning normally then the last add on or security software you disabled is the actual trouble maker.
    4. Now enable security software and add-ons who are not the cause of trouble


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