“Hi, Mr Giant Bear-Anteater.”

Samorost 3 is out and looks like a Bosch’s painting of extraterrestrial life

Samorost 3 just came out — and you can play the first two for free. Just beware of anteaters.

Samorost 3, the last work by Amanita Design — beloved developer studio behind Machinarium and Botanicula — was released on Steam just today and it’s lovely.

As the previous two titles of the series, Samorost 3 is an adventure puzzle game, driven by classic point-and-click mechanics. Set in a colorful alien environment, the game revolves around the quest of a curios space gnome (the cute little guy in white in the header image) looking for his origins. Take a look at the trailer below for a taste of its adorable artwork and sound design.

Already feeling sad that you can’t live in that miniature asteroid world? Me too. But the good news is that even if you don’t want to spend (I’d say *invest*) about 20€ in this cutie, you can still feel better playing the other titles from the series for free!

Click here to play Samorost (the first one): you won’t need to download or install anything, it plays directly in your browser — and it’s less than an hour long. Art and sound are much simpler, but still enjoyable.

Courtesy of Amanita Design http://amanita-design.net/

Click here to play Samorost 2 and save the little gnome’s dog from evil aliens! This is actually only a demo, not much longer than the first game. You can buy the full game for a fiver on the Amanita Design website or on Steam. Just beware of those deadly anteaters!

Courtesy of Amanita Design http://amanita-design.net/

If you’re unsure what to pick for a quick look, my advice is to go for the second one — it’s not a sequential story, so you won’t need any background knowledge — and try out some better designed puzzles.

Have you played these games and want to share your experience? Do you think I got it all wrong? Please let me know in the comments below and thank you for reading!

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