The Business Consequences Of Excessive Work

Daily overtimes lead to lower productivity and ultimately bring losses to the company. However, in many companies, employees remain at work until late at night, without receiving additional compensation from the employer.

The rush job is perhaps the best way to learn an employee and to understand whether a person is willing to work under stress, make quick decisions and take responsibility for them. The lack of time, as any crisis, shows the hidden possibilities of man and his weaknesses. Therefore, employees who have distinguished themselves in times of rush job can be considered as the most reliable. Their motivation is not money, but the inside motivation, which is going from the initiative and the desire to prove to all their usefulness, and sometimes superiority at the right time. (Tan Shen Kian, 2014)

Rush jobs in business today are not the rarity. However, if about 10% of employees sit out the night in the office because of too much work, 90% of the delays are due to the poor organization of work, incorrect distribution of responsibilities in the company.

The reason for rush jobs is located in the inability to clearly identify and prioritize tasks. This problem is not the only problem of the leaders, but it is also the problem of employees. Employees often do not realize that the chief is the same man, like them. He also does not have the time and he makes mistakes.

Even when the sufficient number of staff work in a poorly organized company rush jobs will always appear. They are inevitable, if, for example, certain work is hanging out a month, and nobody makes it, simply because it is not clear whose responsibility it includes. Problems cannot be avoided, and if the two employees at the same time grab the same job. (Arnold B. Bakker, Evangelia Demerouti, and Martin C. Euwema, 2005)



Arnold B. Bakker, Evangelia Demerouti, and Martin C. Euwema (2005). “Job Resources Buffer the Impact of Job Demands on Burnout”

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