Something is wrong on the internet
James Bridle

This is a MUST READ blog post for all of us, but especially for parents and teachers.

Google, YouTube and others invest millions upon millions into innovations and marketing research in their competition for the market. They have to invest lots of dollars into understanding, developing and perfecting this very complicated algorithm, because for them it is a matter of profit and survival as a business. Therefore, I am absolutely sure they could have invested just a little portion of that budget into researching and developing technology that would detect, identify and cordon (or remove) inappropriate content. Except they aren’t doing it because nobody is holding their feet to the fire.

A company established for the purpose of making profit through entertainment would not have such matters as child safety and moral values on top of their agenda. It is understandable but does not make it OK. They go for quantity content, not quality content. Freedom of speech is being used by such companies as a way to conceal direct causal relationship between their actions and harm done to real people in the real world. Human trafficking is a great example — blurring the line between “voluntary” pornography and rape, permitting child sex ads to exist and collect enormous revenue, and then attacking legislation that is attempting to remove the loophole in the law that currently allows such atrocities to be. Religious discrimination (attack on religion online followed by real-life harassment and vandalism “inspired” by such videos) is yet another example. Media / social media corporations have been letting it happen, not taking ownership for the problem or offering any meaningful solutions. It is really up to all of us to hold them accountable.