Buy Professional Camera Batteries

The advancement of technology has produced some of the most impressive digital cameras. These sophisticated beautiful devices have revolutionized the field of photography.

Professional cameras like Canon EOS 5D Mark II are known to have incorporated unrivaled features.

To fully utilize features of professional cameras, you are required to have fully functional power input. There is no greater grief to a photographer than that of a camera battery malfunction. This could have serious implications to his business. Using inferior camera accessories could also lead to undesired results.

There are several types of batteries and their accessories in the market today. The following are some of the top-notch batteries and accessories that a consumer Would choose from for their buy professional camera batteries.

IDXA-MT2VMale V-mount Adaptor plate

IDX system technology is a V-mount adapter plate designed to make the equipment compatible with V-mount accessories. It’s designed to hold perfectly the IDXEndura system. It easily converts any professional camera to a V-mount. It also features a DC out Connector to allow an on camera light to receive power from the on camera battery. It also supports Digi-view. This allows the battery percentage to be displayed in the viewfinder of cameras.

IDX ACPA universal mount cheese plate for use with ET PW2BM

This battery plate adapter allows numerous accessories. It was designed to for use with ET PW2BM. The IDXP-V2 also mounts plate’s fits perfectly with this battery plate adapter. It is also compatible with the IDX camera plates as well. It features a 15mm Clamp adapter. This adapter can be fixed in six different positions around the cheese plate. It also allows mounting of two PW2 plates to the cheese plate depending on the positioning.

IDXET PW2BMW Mount power solution for the Blackmagic camera

The ET PW2BM is designed in a way to allow direct mounting of the batteries. It’s mostly attached to the IDXA-CP (A). It can be attached to various mounting plates on the ISR systems. It mainly uses the Dc cable to provide camera to the black magic camera. It also features 50WD-Tap output. It can be used for powering cameras, lights, onboard recorders among others.

IDXCEBXLRVMount Battery Discharge Adaptor with 4 pin XLRoutput

This is one of the most compact of adapters. This IDXCEBLR adapter connects to the IDXEndura Lithium lon battery. It enables power to course through via a 4-pin female style connector. It’s mainly used in outdoor events to power monitors and mixers. The 4Pin XLR also allows V-mount multi usage.

Hawk Woods DVBMS On board Blackmagic Cinema Camera DVF battery adaptor

This is a highly recommended DV-F battery adapter for those looking to capture live mobile action. They are also good for sports and movie events. They work by increasing the runtime without affecting the cameras mobility. It features top mount adapters, a 2.5 mm jack cable, a DV-F battery fitting, and screws. This DVBMS is compatible with miniDVDW batteries.

Many at times, people pay little attention to the peripherals devices of their cameras. All parts of a camera are of equal importance. However, it is important to invest on the batteries and accessories albeit the cost. Quality batteries may save you from the inconveniences of failure and save you in the end.

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