I’m Russian and I never smile to strangers

You know, Russian and American realities are really different. I was born in Russia and I have spent in the USA about half a year. So, I have some point to compare.

First of all, I want to show you typical Russian landscapes.

There are city suburbs in the province. So, you can notice that even nature doesn’t facilitate to smiles. From the begging of October almost in all parts of Russia (I hope you understand that the country has a really big longitude and that’s why covers a big variety of climate zones, and that’s why in Sochi by October is really hot, but in Syberia is really cold) begins the season of rains, snows and bad weather at all.

Why did I mention smiles, you ask. There was one question that all Americans asked “why you don’t smile to people?” But how can I smile, if when I raise the head, a bunch of snow flies into my mouth?

Moreover, sometimes you can meet such oasis of mud on the spacious roads of Mother Russia. So, you need to choose: save you boots or smile to person. A normal person chooses the first variant.

From the very begging of life Russians should be ready for struggle. Imagine you need to live in the world where 7 months from 12 is a bad weather. Also you need to live in the world where an average salary is about 20 000 rubles, when you need for bearable life about 40 000 rubles. The minimum percentage for mortgage now is 12 and if you want to buy car you need to save money about 3–4 yeas. Of course, you understand that I’m speaking about the average people, who for example, just graduated and haven’t found golden job.

I don’t want to say that Russia is a barbaric country, but cold weather has frozen culture of people in some point.

Such table was actual in the time of USSR, but it still takes place in family dinners. You know, I mean such dinners, when people get together and condemn authorities.

Most people live in such houses. So, you see all your neighbors almost everyday to such point, that sometimes you stop to notice them. And you don’t want to smile constantly, you need sone rest.

Actually, I think a lot, why Russians so closed and so reserved and sometimes even rude. And only answer I found — Russia doesn’t create to live and to enjoy your life because of climate.

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