Weirdest Photos In History.

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True life is often far stranger than fiction. History, alternatively known as humanity's trial-and-error period, is chock-full of scenarios bizarre enough to render your favorite movies, TV shows, and books obsolete.

Assembled below are historical photos of the astonishing things people have done throughout time, some of which aren't more than 30 years old. Thought you'd seen it all? Wait 'til you see kids "swimming" on dry land.

1865 – An Egyptian Street Vendor Sells Mummies

1920 – Students Learning To Swim Without Water

1930s – Melted Wax Figures After A Fire

1930 – A Police Officer Judges An Ankle Competition

1936 – Policemen In South Wales Racing Motorcycle Chariots

These pictures are indeed so strange,weird and bizarre. I practically spent hours trying to make out a possible definition for them.

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