Connecting the dots

I would start with my own story about my career path.

I was studying in the ‘good enough’ university. Yet I never was best in class student. Not to lie, sometimes thoughts about what is my strong points and what’s I am good at bothers me a lot. Most of the time I successfully manage to skip those thought and think out loudly that actually I was not fighting who’s first with my surrounding. This was my calm harbor when my personal something like ambitions began to break through my young mind.

And maybe that was the scary trap. Cause when you skip the fight without having a vision, it’s in fact giving up without a fight. And the scary thing is that you actually really believe that nothing really happened. None had given up. So called “unconscious misrecognition”. Never mind, this phrase I have just figured out.

And there I moved slowly drifting in that direction I thought was my conscious decision. Yet looking back, more and more it seams like search and most of the time I start moving from rejection of someone’s possition.

Was it really bad? What it good?

I truly don’t know. And what I’ve learned from my path so on, you should really continue moving, correcting your way and making those fucking mistakes. And what really matters in this trip is whether you gain this your personal experience that helps you to sharp and deepen your knowledge in that particular direction you believe is more interesting for you. While you continue to more, you can fill save that sooner or later you figured out what’s was the true meaning and core story line in that movements.

And maybe the last but the most fragile and valuable thing — is you. To be more concrete — you have to learn to listen, hear and believe in your inner voice — your believes, thoughts, feeling on what is more important, interesting and desirable for you. Sometimes that inner voice is so hard to hear, not saying of understanding, accepting and following it.

We’ve just started! So let’s keep on hearing and following your inner voice, while connecting the dots.