10 thoughts as I turn 29

  1. Seek to make a difference, rather than to make an impression.
  2. Be present. The people who live inside your phone don't always need instant replies. So what if blue ticks?
  3. Being emotionally healthy means not allowing your current emotional state to bring yourself or others down.
  4. Don't listen to everything you tell yourself. Stand up for yourself to yourself, and rewrite faulty internal scripts.
  5. Acquaintances ≠ friends. Invest time accordingly. Reality check, not even half your Facebook friends will come for your funeral.
  6. When you don't care what people talk about you, they won't care to talk about you.
  7. A good night’s rest is a true blessing from God.
  8. The irony of patience: The more you exercise it, the more you gain. Waiting becomes easier the longer you've waited.
  9. Don't over schedule. Intentionally leave free time for spontaneous friends, creative pursuits, or leisure reading.
  10. You get to choose the life you live. Really.