Getting to the other side of 90 days

Meditation & Mindfulness, Quest for Mind-control & Awareness. And getting over something some part of me says it wants, but my spirit DOES NOT.

I’m in this Virtuous Woman group on social media that is all about forming a new habit and doing it consistently for 90 days, which will change your character and ultimately your destiny. Heck yeah!

My main habit that I have been definitely doing on a daily basis for over 96 days now is meditation. I was doing better with it in my last last apartment, which was just pretty set up to support this habit, get up first thing in the morning, meditation on the couch for 10 minutes. But now that I moved two times since my practice began, meditation for me is more like sometime during the day I will meditate, very likely in the morning — probably even more than once. Cooking is a good time. Playing music definitely seems like a form of meditation…..anyway…

This meditation practice has changed my life, I can control myself much better, I can think more clearly and assess situations much more big picture, be cool and broadminded, empathetic, and understanding — and keep my emotions way more in check, thank goodness. Early steps to mind control, this is a good road. And I love meditation and will continue to practice and see how that grows. Shout out Virtuous Woman group on social media!

Now, this is what I want to do from now on every morning for the next 90 days, we have a check in board to see how everyone is doing.

But first:: Something I have been seeing in myself since I began meditating is “unconscious complaining” — where I will find myself complaining in my head some mornings and not know I am doing it basically; I identified I was doing this at that last last apartment and wrote a prayer for myself to read in the morning that asked the universe to help me see this unconscious complaining. And I did it a lot, but not consistently enough to form a habit.

And today out walking on the trail pretty soon after I got up I had an inspiration:

A really Simple Morning Prayer: To embrace all I have and for support to be aware and see if complaining thoughts come — just SEE those thoughts come, if they come and let them go, and to have the strength to quit this thing, that I fell into a while back that I don’t want to do anymore. To let go of that thought: If I think ‘Oh I want this thing’ I have to LET IT GO –SOMEHOW, PUSH THRU, and think of things, and projects that light me up and are PURE — anything really to move on and not go for WHAT I DO NOT WANT. So: Ask for strength in the Morning Prayer to PUSH THRU THIS THING, I mean get set up for success in the morning right?

For me, NOW, most important I realized is 1) The Morning Prayer (EMBRACE ALL I HAVE and 2) Be Aware that I am Being Grateful for all I have, and 3) for Strength and 4) Awareness to really have an attitude of gratitude, and 5) really Summon some Passion for this), 6) Get Outside to the nature trail — it’s so energizing, 7) Meditation, & 8) do A Gratitude list, this will not doubt support my embracing all I have, it’s so much I have, so much beauty. And it is a creative exercise to look for it and find it first thing in the morning.

I basically saw this today out walking on the sweeeet nature trail by my house, and I was like smh I need to fire back up The Morning Prayer & make it a Ritual, this is all about finding out what works, and experimentation, and perseverance and I think that SIMPLICITY for me is A KEY. I can get lost in too much to remember…

So my Morning Prayer is to 1) Embrace all I have, and 2) for Strength to kick this THING to the curb, and to 3) Get onto the nature trail and 4) just Run gratitude lists that whole time, and to 5) see How I Can Help in the world today and be brave, and friendlier, and smile more, you get the idea, that VIRTUOUS WOMAN SUBJECT, and for 6) Awareness to make sure complaining isn’t sneaking in, and to 7) Deepen my mindfulness and meditation practice. So, it’s like 7 or 8 points, I’ll make a new visual and here’s to another iteration, another crack at this! Wish me luck! I will get there!

I will.

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