In the age of selfies, video games, and instant online gratification, it’s kind of interesting, if not weird, that people still need to be connected with each other in real life. Now that our robot overlords are taking over, simple human connection still matters. We have so many options, webinars, online videos, courses, online conferences, videostreams, and more. Wait., what? We still intend to be in person at conferences, seminars, workshops, meet-ups? That’s just crazy-cray!

Meet people, feel the energy of community, share thoughts, ideas and emotions(booze)! There’s the most important way of feeling inspiration in a haze of jet lag, caffeine and wine. Don’t you think so? That’s why we believe in our product. Our mission is to develop an event technology following the trends and provide a great event experience to all people, who’ll have to lie to their spouses back home that the event was completely boring and all-business. Despite the fact that we are an event tech provider, we know how crucial the simple things as even a name tag can be

We collected all of GEVME’s expertise and created this full guide regarding name badges. If you’re familiar with the event industry you should find this eBook useful, aside from just a great paper weight or beer coaster. Free copy for you is HERE